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This Song WILL Be Sung at My Wedding Someday…

27 Apr

I think it speaks for itself:



22 Apr

Okay, I admit it- I’ve read the Twilight books.  I could write a whole other blog expressing my opinions and thoughts on it, but one part that drove me up the wall was the opening of “New Moon” when all of Bella’s friends just wanted to wish her a happy birthday, but she was all down in the dumps about turning eighteen.  I wished that I could just slap her and say, “Get over it!  Being a year older than your vampire-boyfriend isn’t the end of the world!  Now swallow your pride and let your friends show you they care about you!”

Well, today I could actually relate to Bella.  It was my 26th birthday- I guess that means I’m officially in my “late 20’s”.  Society (and, sometimes even fellow Christians) won’t let me forget that my biological clock is ticking and that my most fertile years are behind me.  I’m being “gently reminded” that there are only so many Christian men out there.  Wow, I wasn’t aware of either of those things; thanks so much for those reminders!  I guess I’d better hurry up and marry the first man I can find who will take me.

A few months ago I mentioned to an older, wiser friend how much pressure I was feeling from in and around me to marry before it was “too late”.  “You’re 25?” she said.  “My sister married at 30 and she has a baby on the way.  You have plenty of time.”  She’s right- modern medicine has given us longer life-expectancies, and the poor economy has made it harder for young people to gain independence- a bachelor’s degree seems to be the new high school diploma.  A century ago people might have been expected to marry before they were 21, but things have changed.

Even so, I am still very aware of the expectations that people (myself included) once had that I would be married by now.  My parents took me to dinner at a nice restaurant tonight, and right away we realized it was prom night.  We were surrounded by high school students in their elegant prom dresses and tuxedos.  Ten years ago, I begged to be allowed to attend prom (with a group of girlfriends, since no one asked me) but my ultra-conservative parents said no way.  When I tried to convince them that prom was a rite of passage for high-school girls, not because we wanted to hook up with boys but because we wanted to shop for our dream prom-dress and have our hair and nails done and take pretty pictures.  All my mom said to that was, “You’ll have your wedding day for all that.”  Well, I’m still waiting for that one, Mom.

I have so much to be thankful for- I have a wonderful family and friends who have wished me a happy birthday and sent me birthday cards.  I was able to spend time with my dad this morning and then go out to dinner tonight with him and my mom.  I’ll go to church in the morning, where I know many more belated birthday wishes will await me.  I’m trying to make that my focus and not listen to the lies from the enemy right now- the lie that I need to be married to be complete, the lie that I’m not married because there’s something repulsive about me or because God doesn’t want to bless me, or the lie that I need to lower my standards and settle for less than God’s best to be happy.