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Where Singleness Has Lead Me

23 Nov

Last month I posted that I wanted to work on having more “peace” in my life in accordance with the Fruit of the Spirit.  

Well, I had plenty of opportunity to practice.  Last month, God called me to pack my bags and follow Him over the ocean to be a missionary.  I am writing this from another country, thousands of miles from my home in the United States.

There has actually been a long journey behind all this- moments of excitement and terror, encouragement and hopelessness, of assurance and doubt.  But, last week I got on the airplane and am finally here, slowly easing into my ministry in a nation where those who know the Lord are a drop in an ocean.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I sometimes wish I had a husband to share this experience with, but I am ultimately grateful that God has brought me to this experience as a single woman. I am watching other new missionaries make the transition as a family, and it’s absolutely doable, but it’s a much longer, more frustrating process than it has been for me.  

I’d also be lying if I said that I didn’t have any secret hopes that I would meet my future husband here, but so far there are no eligible bachelors around.  Again, though, this is a blessing- I have ministry to focus on here, I don’t want to be consumed with trying to impress a guy or struggling to guard my heart.

I am committed to the field until June- I’m not sure what’s after that, graduate school, a career, or raising support to come back on the field permanently.  God has called me to surrender and trust Him- and, while I still hope His plans will eventually include a husband and a family, I have the freedom to follow Him wherever He leads, without concern for a husband or children.

So, at age 26, this is where God has lead me in my single state.  We’ll see what He has in store here.