10 Mar

I met with Sarah for coffee earlier this week- she is the one person I feel I can share every detail with.  I probably would tell Lisa, too, if we could discuss it face-to-face, but sending her these stories in a facebook message or text just doesn’t feel right.  

I told Sarah my feelings that something would happen this month.  I told her I had texted David to see if he’d like to do coffee sometime soon, but hadn’t heard back from him.  We prayed for David, for me, and for Sarah and some of the things God has been revealing to her.  I mentioned in the course of our conversation that I wasn’t sure, but it was my impression that David and his ex-fiancee would have been married on March 15th of this year.  “Wouldn’t it be crazy if that was the day God did something?” said Sarah.  Yes, it would be crazy.

However, afterwards, when I had returned to my apartment building and was waiting for the elevator, I felt that voice again- and this time it was telling me, “March 15th is when it will happen.”

I frantically tried to squelch the voice- this had, HAD to be me imagining things after my conversation with Sarah.  I silently cried out to God to silence it, I took authority over the enemy in the name of Jesus- but, still, it was there.  March 15th.  

This morning, in church, as I sang the words to “The Great I Am” at the top of my voice, with my hands lifted, it came at me again: March 15th.  Be prepared to give Me the glory on Saturday, when My words come true.  Surely, Satan would have fled the church service and the powerful worship that was taking place- he wouldn’t be there whispering these thoughts to me, would he??  Was my own imagination so obsessive that, even during a time of worship, I would hear what I wanted to hear??

I came home from church and turned my cell phone on…and there was a text from David.  Sorry he hadn’t responded sooner; would I still like to meet sometime?  I replied of course, here was my schedule…what worked for him?  He hasn’t replied yet.  Will he say, “let’s get together Saturday for a bit?”

I arrived at Bible study tonight to find two visitors- Mikella, a potential grad student who had been visiting campus, and Sandra, her mentor who had accompanied her.  They made a delightful addition to our group and joined us for prayer at the end.  As we were saying goodbye, Mikella turned to me and said, “Laura, as we were praying, I felt as though God wanted me to tell you that your are precious to Him!”  

Touched, I thanked her for sharing and told her it was funny; God had been teaching me a lot about listening to His voice as of late.  “I was going to ask you that, if God was speaking to you lately!” she exclaimed. 

“Well…I don’t want to share details just yet, but I think He’s been telling me something, and I’ll know for sure by Saturday if it’s from Him or not,” I told her.  

Saturday.  Five days.  I’ll know.  

I desperately want this to be from God.  But, regardless, I am precious to Him, and He is worthy of my worship and adoration.  On Saturday night, I will be praising my Lord and Savior, whether it is hand-in-hand with David or a quiet, broken hallelujah.  


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